Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Work for What You WANT, Be Proud of What You've GOT!

This post is something that I truly don't actually like talking about all that much, but I feel like I is really important to be totally honest for the thought and hope that it will help, here it goes!

My original major in college was music.  I love to sing, I have always loved performing, so it felt like a natural choice for me.  I soon realized that while I loved singing, I didn't necessarily have a huge interest in learning all the theory behind the music, so after my first semester, I nixed the idea of majoring in music.  I didn't have any clue what I wanted to do, but it was always important to my parents that I went to college, so I stayed in and I changed my major to business. I figured it would be a good, generic degree and I could get any job with that degree, right?!?

Well, after a semester of being a business major and making the decision to transfer back to Wichita State and finish school, I decided yet again to nix my major and there I was...starting from scratch yet again.  SO...I was an "Undecided" student for a bit, then at some point decided that I was going to be a Dental Hygienist (I don't know where in the world that idea came from, I like going to the dentist, but that always seemed like a "left field" choice to me and almost everyone that knew me)!  Well, there was one small problem with that little decision...I HATE science classes!  So guess what...after a semester...that major was thrown out as well as the first two!

So, by this point, I was lost....I was the ultimate undecided student.  I had a meeting with and advisor and finally, they asked me the one question no one had really asked me before, "What classes do you like taking?"  Oddly enough, and not in line with too many other people, my answer was Public Speaking classes or any classes that I got to find out more about being a manager or leader.  So, they told me about this degree that seemed to fit me so well that I had no idea how I had never heard of this before...a Communications Degree!!!  It was like a golden light shined down and I heard a chorus of angels (ok...yes, that is extreme...but it was an amazing feeling to FINALLY know what I wanted to do - for a major that is, I had no idea career wise what was gonna happen).

So, this was it...I knew what I wanted to do and my advisor told me what I needed to do to get the ball rolling...I needed to go and take a test, simple, just basic grammar and such as an entrance into the Elliott School of Communication at Wichita State.  So, I made my appointment, got there early and I FREAKED!  I am a horrible test taker...every time, any type of standardized test, I clam up. So, what happened?  I FAILED! Ok, it wasn't like they put a huge red "F" on the test, my score just wasn't quite high enough to pass.  What did I do though? I went back to my advisor, defeated and distraught and asked them what to do, the world had ended for my golden shining moment and I was crushed.

My advisor told me about another option - a Field Major.  I could pick 3 areas that I was interested in and study those and I would have one major concentration and then two other areas that I would take courses in as well and I would have a totally legit degree, but just a different route than originally planned.  So, I went ahead with that plan and in 2007 I graduated with my degree.  A Field Major through the College of Liberal Arts and Science and Wichita State in Communication, Sociology and Music.

My mom and dad and I at my College Graduation Party - May 2007

So, here is the, over 6 years later, why am I talking about this and what kind of lesson can possibly be learned from all of this?  Here it is...if you have something you want....WORK FOR IT!  I should have NEVER given up after the first try of taking that test.  I seriously just barely didn't pass that dang test, and I just gave up!  Do you know how many times I have regretted that decision?  I can't go back and change it, but I know that I have learned from that decision.  I am telling you this for the point of that if there is something out there that you want...WORK FOR IT!  There may be sacrifices ahead and it may not be the "easy" road, but it will be worth it to reach your goal and know you got what you wanted!

The flip side of this lesson is be PROUD of your accomplishments!  I may regret that I don't technically have a full fledged degree from the Elliott School of Communication, but I still took all the same classes as those people that did graduate from the ESC; and I have a degree!  AND after a changing my major all those times, I still graduated in 5 years and had a WONDERFUL job after graduating!!  So, when things happen and they are an accomplishment, CELEBRATE!  You deserve to celebrate and reward yourself for a job well done!  Small accomplishments or large, don't discount them, you let yourself be happy and pat yourself on the back.  You deserve it!

I fully live by the mentality that I can't change the past, I can just learn and move on.  While I say that I regret my decision, know that what I mean is that I have used it as a lesson and will use it in the future to always remind me that when I want something and I it's important to me, to work hard and get what I truly want, not settle for anything less!

Have a blessed day! :)

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