Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"But It Might!!!"

There are so many things I love about my dear husband and so many things he has brought into my life (you know this post is going somewhere good when it starts like that, right?;)).  One of the things that he brought into my life was a love for Craig Ferguson. Keith worked 2nd shift through most of our marriage, so he would get home pretty late.  If I wanted to talk to him when he got home, I would usually watch some late night show to keep me awake, and usually it would be the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Keith and I enjoyed his comedy a lot and when he came to Wichita a few years ago, we decided to have a "date night" and get tickets.  It was hilarious.  I am not sure if it his Scottish accent (I am a SUCKER for accents) or really what he said, either way, there were quite a few snorts involved in that show (yes, I snort when I laugh really hard).

During one part of the show he talked about situations that you would not normally do something because it wouldn't work out, but there is that voice inside that says, "BUT IT MIGHT!!!" It was hilarious during the show of course because he gave examples of guys talking to incredibly attractive women with the hope of her returning his advances, or things of that nature. However, I have kept that little saying with me since that night and often refer back to it in so many instances and it's incredible how useful it can be.

That's how I felt with AdvoCare at was great, Jenna had great results, her friend Ali had great results, they showed me videos and stories of other people that got great results...but that couldn't happen for me..."BUT IT MIGHT!!!!" kept running in my head.  So, we signed up for our discount and started enjoying our new found energy with Spark..IT SURE DID!!!  Then I saw more stories about the 24 Day Challenge and the weight loss so many had experienced...but I had tried so many other systems and products before, there is no way this could work for me..."BUT IT MIGHT!!!" So, again, I went with it and we started our challenge. In 24 Days Keith was down 20 lbs and 3 pant sizes and I was down 9 lbs, 2 pant sizes and over 13 1/2 inches...IT SURE DID!!!!  When Keith took this job in Iowa and we moved and I got to spend this amazing time with my beautiful kids and I needed to start looking for a job; I heard about Jenna making the type of income I needed to make to be able to stay home, and Ali and Jason making even more than that and they were all doing it part time with their full time jobs and their kids at home and all because they were just sharing with people about products and an opportunity that I knew were amazing, but I just didn't think it would work for us..."BUT IT MIGHT!!!" Now, I get to stay home full time, enjoy my beautiful children, make connections with incredible people and have found my true passion in helping other individuals and families reach their own goals and am making money to help support my family...IT SURE DID!!!  And it will continue to work and grow and I know we will touch more lives, help more people and I am AMAZED at the opportunities and people God has brought into our life through AdvoCare.  We are truly blessed!
Jenna and I at Success School - August 2013

A little "before and during" of me on my journey so far!

Please...remember always to try and think to yourself when you catch yourself having those negative thoughts, feelings, and just letting the world try and tell you something won't work just think..."BUT IT MIGHT!!!!" (do it with a Scottish accent to, I feel that makes it more fun somehow :)).

Have a blessed day friends!!!

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