Friday, January 24, 2014

Oh what a difference some years can make!! ;)

Ok...5 years to be exact...:)

So...tonight, as it was 8:30pm and McKinley was in bed, Keith was getting ready to go to bed (watch out kids, that's what happens when you turn 30 - you go to bed at 8:30pm!! ;)) and Kolten was settling down for the evening I was thinking to myself..."Oh my gosh!  There was a time, not all that terribly long ago that I would just be jumping in the shower at 8:30pm on a Friday night to get ready to go out!"

So...that got me thinking and I started to Facebook stalk myself a little (that may even be more sad than Keith going to bed at 8:30! ;)).  It was actually pretty amazing!  As I looked back, 2009 really stuck out to me as a HUGE year for transition for us.  It was a great year and we had A LOT of fun in 2009.  There were a few things though looking back at even all the fun we had, what a different place entirely I was in my life and on my journey (not just becoming a mom - but becoming the woman I am today).

Here are a few fun pics to look at from back in 2009

New Years Eve 2008/09
I believe this was Robyn's B-Day - Gotta love the crutch as an accessory!

American Icon competition at Fox and Hound
Keith's Graduation - May 2009
No Questions - Just enjoy my ability to poke fun at myself and share it with you all....this was our attempt at some 80's pictures at work...;)

With my beautiful niece (who I clearly didn't and still don't see enough), Callie Marie.  :)
You can't tell from the picture, but I was living out one of my DREAMS in this picture!  We went to Texas for a great friend's wedding and stopped at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth.  It was AMAZING!

Getting ready to go into the Keith Urban concert (side not to mention we did have a lot of fun in 2009 - Jenna and I thought it was necessary to "tail gate" the concert and I literally ran INTO KEITH URBAN at the's a story for another time - but it was a memorable concert to say the least!)
My AMAZING mom (if you haven't read about her, you can here) after Candace's Bridal Shower

And...2009's craziest memories are reserved for 2 fun weddings!!!  The first was my Candace and Brandon's wedding in VEGAS (yes - almost all of our family went - we compared it to Vegas Vacation...;))

I love EVERYONE'S expressions in this picture - it captures us so well :)
"Yeah...WHAT?  We are going to the Chapel and she's gonna get married...You wanna say something?? ;)"
The Photographer told us to pick him up and carry him...I don't think this is what he had in mind (clearly none of us knew what he had in mind though)....but it was a GREAT picture!
Me with my beautiful sisters! :)

 We had another wedding to celebrate when we got home!  Madison and Paul got married just a few weeks after Candace and Brandon! :)

I know what you are thinking...and YES!  I have pretty much the most beautiful niece's on the face of the planet and their husbands ARE the most lucky people EVER (other than Keith, of course ;))
My Mom and this picture they had been married almost 52 years...absolutely AMAZING!

We like to have fun...and be weird...they kinda go hand in hand with us. :)

So...after all of the fun of the weddings and as 2009 was starting to wind down...God said, "OK!  Here we go!  I'm gonna bless you with a baby!!!"  So, on October 31, 2009, we found out we were pregnant...and then about 5 hours later we slipped into our Halloween Costumes and went out for a night of fun with our friends! ;)

Keith LOVES the movie "Super Troopers" and he worked so hard on these costumes, he ordered the base of them from an actual police supply website and then made the patches, special ordered the name badges, sewed the ribbon on pants, the whole she-bang!  He REALLY looked like Farva too (one of the characters from the movie) - he has people ask him all night to take their picture with him.  It was a blast!

So...the life I lead 5 years ago is just a bit different than the life I lead now and I am totally okay with that.  In fact, I love every minute of it.  There was another little something I found on the ole facebook profile that is gonna make a pretty sweet "part 2" to this I will leave you now (the rowdy little 3 year old is feeling the effects of his 3 hour nap and now does not want to sleep - so momma's gotta go lay down some law!:)).

I hope you all have a beautiful, safe, and fun Friday...I encourage you too to go back and take a few moments to look back on your facebook pages (if you have one) or at old pictures or memory's a fun way to look back and see how far you have come.

ANYWHO...stay tuned for part 2 later on this weekend...until then...


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