Thursday, January 2, 2014

Why "Champions"?

When we were talking about me starting this blog and moving forward with starting our own family website and such, we thought long and hard about what we wanted to call everything.  I felt an extreme pressure to make it catchy, or funny.  Keith and I are naturally very sarcastic, humorous people and I wanted that to be a focus.  I am rarely completely serious (it may be shield of sorts, but that is a subject for another post).  When the time came and I just finally just wanted to pull the trigger, we chose "Hansen Champions" and there are some very specific reasons I want to be able to tell you about.

We are what some would call an "AdvoFamily" we do AdvoCare.  We don't sell vitamins and health products; we help other to make investments in themselves to truly improve themselves through health and for those that choose, an amazing opportunity for financial relief and freedom to live life on their own terms.  The main slogan for AdvoCare is "We Build Champions" naturally that has some meaning behind the name, but it's what it means to be a Champion that truly spoke so strongly to Keith and I. 

Keith and I at AdvoCare Success School - Aug. 2013

We are not Champions in the sense that we are competing with others to win a prize of some sort (don't get me wrong, we are both strongly competitive people and love to win).  We are Champions FOR our family, FOR our faith, FOR YOU!  We want to go to work to help others achieve their hopes, dreams and goals.  There is no greater reward I have found in my life than truly having a servant heart and helping those in need.  Keith and I share that passion to an incredible degree and we work and will continue to work every day to shape our children in to servants for Christ and for others as well.  There is an incredible feeling that goes along with helping others and THAT is why we are Hansen Champions!

Have a blessed day!

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