Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why AdvoCare?

Happy Sunday!

Today I am gonna post about something I originally planned to wait a bit to talk about, but as with most things in my life, God had other plans!  This weekend I had the opportunity to go to Des Moines for AdvoCare's Regional Success School.  It was a truly amazing opportunity and I came away with an even stronger, deeper feeling that God (and Jenna ;)) brough AdvoCare into our lives for a reason, a HUGE reason that I don't know if I can even fully see yet, but I want to explain a little bit more about why we have chosen to do AdvoCare.

I will tell you right now, I NEVER wanted to own a business or be in business for ourselves.  I had tried a few different direct sell companies in the past to make extra money but none of them took off and I ended up loosing money truly.  I had kind of a sour taste in my mouth with those experiences to be honest.  There was something different about be completely honest, the products can sell themselves.  They are formulated by some of the TOP doctors across the country and they WORK!  There is no arguing about that and while that was all well and good to me, it was something else that truly spoke to me.  It is the PEOPLE the people that are involved with AdvoCare that make the difference.  The people in the corporate office, the CEO, Richard Wright and his wife Sherry (Sherry herself said yesterday that they think of every one of the distributors in AdvoCare as their family - and they show it!), the people across the country that I have been able to meet and form friendships with at different AdvoCare events, and the people that are a part of our every day lives now that I would never have been introduced to or reconnected to if AdvoCare hadn't been a part of my life.  THAT is what makes it different.  You can buy products at a corporate chain or a big box store, but you don't get someone who will check in with you and see how it is going.  Encourage you when you are having a rough day (even when it has nothing to do with the products, because there are day when that happens!).
Awesome stage set up! :)

Yesterday and truly at every event I have attended with AdvoCare, I am reminded that there is so much good in this world.  People out there that truly care about making a difference in their communities and in the world and it lifts me up and fires me up! There is so much, so very much around us that happens every day to try and get us down.  To try and get us into that negative little hole in our minds that says we are not enough, that this world is a horrible place and gets us into that ugly spot.  You know what I am talking about.  I think everyone has been there, some are there now.  I was there, and I thank God EVERY DAY that I have been able to come out of it and for all the blessing and positive things and people I have in my life to help me stay on the track to know that there is MORE I can do MORE I can give MORE!  I am on a track to help others to see the same thing!  I am going to help as many people as I can to reach their goals and if I make some good money and can support my family and we can go on vacations and give to our church and community and live life on our own terms, heck yes, I'll take it!  I am so excited for our journey and if you are ready, I would LOVE to take you with us!  Let's do it! :)

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