Friday, January 17, 2014

Hansen Champion Adventures - Vol. 1

So, I decided to take a bit of a break from the "Share and Learn" posts to share with you a bit of our family adventures.  I know we do a lot on a regular basis now that I don't get to share with everyone so, I figure it will be a good way to show everyone what we have been up to!

Since the whole idea for this came about because we have moved from Wichita, KS to Waterloo, IA...I thought the best place would be to start with our move!

When Keith took his job up here, he came up here in February and the kiddos and I joined him at the end of April/early May.  Here are a few pics of our journey...

My sweet set up for my going away party at WSU - truly one of the best jobs anyone could ask for!

Let me tell of the biggest adventures I felt like at the time was packing up our entire house pretty much on my own.  We didn't pack too much before Keith left because we were not 100% about moving, we wanted to make sure he liked the job and such before we decided for sure, so when we got the green light, he was already up here and working, so I packed like a mad woman during the month of April (I left WSU at the end of March).

How many contact cases does one family need??? - this wasn't even ALL OF THEM!

This was about 1/2 way done...I took all of the kids stuff out of their room and we all shared one room so I could stack all the boxes somewhere!!

I have no pictures of the actual day of loading up our truck, but we were blessed by Candace, Brandon, Laurie, Justin and one of his friends to come and help us (not to mention Brandon randomly having a appliance dolly that came in quite handy for our washer and dryer)!!

The night before we were getting ready to head out of town, Keith and I were packing up a few last minute boxes and I came into our bedroom to find Kolten with a Sharpie and some amazing "artwork" on our down comforter and all over one of our laundry baskets (not to mention all over himself)!  That kid sure knows how to keep me on my toes!!

Since our journey was 8 1/2 hours away and we were traveling with a 2 year old and 4 month old, we decided to split up our trip...we stayed in a hotel in Kansas City on our way up and Kolten was SUPER excited because he got to go swimming!

He's got a good poker face...this was before he started screaming when we made him actually get in the water! ;)
We got all of our stuff to Iowa and got all unpacked, and stayed for a couple weeks, then we came back down to say good bye to all our family and friends.  Kolten was super excited again because we got to stay at "Pepaw's" house in Garden Plain and he got to play with all kinds of new stuff!

Playing with Grandpa's glasses
The slot machine may be Kolten's favorite toy at Grandpa's house!
We gathered all our family and friends for one fun night out!  We started with dinner and of course had to go to some karaoke and then to the "cowboy bar" for some dancing! :)

Kolten playing the hunting game at the restaurant
Having fun with Courtney and Robyn!

So, we made it back to Iowa, safe and sound and began to settle of the BEST moments of our trip to settle in was one day when I was taking our dogs out.  Kolten was inside and had taken both dogs outside, and Shelby was done, so I let her go inside, but didn't take her leash off, I just let her run in the house.  I let Baden finish up and when I brought him in, Kolten said to me, "Where is Shelby?"  I started looking around and I couldn't find her anywhere...I was starting to freak out when I heard a bark come from somewhere but it sounded muffled, then I heard some scratching...I turned the corner in our kitchen to find this...

I then opened to lid to the trash can and found this...

I sure do love my son!  Like I said...he is always keeping me on my toes!  Stay tuned for more Adventures!  We have been very blessed and quite a bit of fun to share!

Have a blessed day!!!

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