Monday, March 31, 2014

Momma Monday - Building our Legacy!

So, I am going to take a moment to admit something that I think is important to get out there and I am not saying that EVERYONE that is a mother or parent has thought this, but I think there is probably someone out there that has thought the same thing and the purpose of this blog is to get stuff out there…so, here goes!!! ;)

I remember when we had first gotten married, having a conversation with Keith about when we should start “trying” for kids…I jokingly said to him, “I just wanna have a baby so I can dress it up and play with it like a real, live baby doll!”  I was OF COURSE joking, but I don’t know that I ever really knew (or at least fully considered) the FULL extent of being a parent.  Sometimes it still amazes me that God has blessed us so much and entrusted Keith and me with these two, precious human beings.  It takes incredible faith and reliance on God on a daily basis to make sure that we are raising them up in the best way possible and making the right choices to guide them to be the true CHAMPIONS I know they are and can be.  One of the best ways I can describe this is straight from God’s word:
My silly little champions :)

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.
Proverbs 22:6 (NIV)

Like I said, there are MANY ways in which we seek God’s guidance daily to help us to raise our children, but one in which we have realized lately and has hit very close to home with me is when dealing with money.  I know, you are probably reading this and thinking, “Umm….Lisa….your children are 3 ½ and 1…they don’t have a concept of money yet…how is this even on your radar yet?”  Well…let me tell you! ;)

Keith and I have been taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) over the last few weeks and I LOVE IT!  I am not going to get into a bunch of details right now about FPU right now…but I will later…it’s AMAZING!  ANYWHO….during the 2nd lesson that was taught, Dave’s daughter, Rachel Cruze is introduced and gave some tips and about teaching children about money and leaving a legacy for your children of understanding the importance of hard work and earning money, then having a giving spirit with that money.   I absolutely loved her and I could tell in just the short time of her presentation that I wanted to know more about who she was and what she did within the Ramsey organization.  So, I did what every person does this day in age…I went home and searched the internet!  I found out that Dave and his daughter have written a book, Smart Money Smart Kids.  The book will be official released on April 22nd, but I actually was chosen to be a part of the Launch Team for the book, so I have a copy and have been reading (ok…DEVOURING) it for the last few days and I can’t recommend this book enough!  It is co-written by Rachel and Dave and brings the perspective from her on what is what like to be raised a “Ramsey kid” and what it was like to come about at the time when her parents were building the legacy they not only built for their family, but so many others as well.  Dave brings on the points of what is like to be in the parent roll and how it is not always the easiest but it is WORTH IT!  It’s such an amazing point to think about as parents we often think, “Am I doing this right?” “Will they appreciate this when they are older?” and in this case you can SEE the rewards and what an amazing daughter Dave has raised and now Rachel is giving back as well, it’s truly incredible.

Be on the lookout of for more specific tips I have seen in the book…but I won’t lie…I am not gonna give it all away!  I really recommend that you go out and pre-order the book NOW!  Click HERE to go to the site to pre-order and you get some great extras along with your order if you order before the release! 

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!  Be blessed friends!

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